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Steampunk Alchemy Fest is a unique summer festival event that celebrates the creativity, innovation, immersion, diversity, and inclusivity. It brings together enthusiasts and creators to showcase unique and imaginative designs, art, fashion, and music steampunk and fantasy inspired. The festival offers a platform for people to immerse themselves in a world of retro-futuristic aesthetics and Victorian-era industrial design and the magical trappings of fantasy.


Steampunk Alchemy Fest aims to promote a unique atmosphere and values associated with steampunk and fantasy culture. It also values creative fun, unique musical exploration, and inclusivity.

Costumes, cosplay, and garb are HIGHLY encouraged. :)


Musical acts, comedy, dance, and other unique and imaginative displays of steampunk and fantasy themes.

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Food & Drinks

On-site food and drink vendors, offering a variety of cuisines and beverages to fuel your creativity. Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing cocktail or a hearty meal, there will be something for everyone!

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We are known for the variety of unique and imaginative vendors at our festival, offering everything from steampunk-inspired fashion and accessories to handmade crafts and artwork.

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Grounds & Camping

Vasa Park is a cultural Scandinavian community home of several chapter of the Vasa Order of America.

We have previously hosted 2 other festivals at Vasa Park, and this year we will be adding overnight camping to the experience!


Have a question about Steampunk Alchemy Fest? Check out our frequently asked questions for more information about the festival, including ticketing, parking, and more. If you can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!

  • Wasn't this event named Freaky Mutant Weirdo?
    Yes. We decided to rebrand the event name in order to better reflect our theme, artists, and patrons. Basically, we wanted STEAMPUNK in the name. :)
  • What is Steampunk Alchemy Fest?
    We are a summer music festival immersed in steampunk and fantasy culture. We encourage our guests to dress-up in their favorite steampunk, fantasy, or faire garb! Our main goal was to create a fun and welcoming space for all hobbyists, and play lots of music while doing it. We also aim to provide artists with a lively platform to sell their works.
  • What is you stance on inclusivity?
    We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate, discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Anyone found in violation of our DEI terms will be immediately escorted off the grounds with no refund. Be kind to one another.
  • How does camping work?
    If you want to camp overnight you must purchase a Camping Pass ticket. These pass is good for 1 tent setup and its occupants. The pass also includes a continental breakfast, Sunday morning, for all covered under the pass. If you plan on setting up more than 1 tent, you must purchase a separate pass for each. Please include you tent dimensions at checkout.
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