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Steampunk Alchemy began as an experiment between friends who shared the same geeky/nerdy passions. We were an extension of the Freaky Mutant Weirdo group, and hosted the summer music festival at Vasa Park in 2022 and 2023.


At the start of 2024 we rebranded the festival to Steampunk Alchemy Fest, in order to better capture the wide variety of hobbies and interests among our patrons and guests.

In recent years the steampunk and subculture event community of NJ has experienced difficult happenings. We want our guests to feel safe, excited, and proud to attend our celebration! We are independently run and operated. We want you to know who we are are, and who we are not. These are the folks working hard to give you the best experience possible. We'll keep this updated for you, but feel free to ask us any questions via the contact form.

The Council

Adam Dickinson

Entertainment Director

Steampunk Alchemy Fest founder and musician.

Colleen O'Neill-Cohen

Marketing Director & Vendor Coordinator

Founding member and artist.

Anthony "Tiny" Kroposky

Sound Director

Founding member and musician.

Liz "Queenie" Gonzalez


Founding member and musician.

Peter Basinski

Operations Director

Founding member and Vasa Park community rep.

Andrew Terranova

Social Media Director

Founding member and volunteer.

"Holly Ween"

Cabaret Director

Founding member and performer.

Louisa "Luna" Valentín

Business Director & Webmaster

Founding member and musician.

Cindy Terranova

Stage Manager

Founding member and volunteer.

Bruce Meyers


Founding member and musician.

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